Monday, July 31, 2006

Roadtrip '06 - Washington D.C.

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I think I've blogged about it already but I finally have the pictures up for viewing. After seeing the pictures again, the thing that struck me most was the art that demonstrated the values of the founding fathers. They had specific ideals that still ring true to this day. Convictions that charted the course of the nation for hundreds of years to follow. Will we look back on our own history 50 years from now and find that same kind of admiration from today's leaders? Sadly, I doubt it. But I think that's why we honor great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, because we know that people like him come around so rarely. Men who are shaped from adversity and rise to the challenge with a dedication to the ideals and principles upon which this country was founded.

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UberStreeckX said...

You know the story. We all know the story. Do you ever doubt the story that history tells us? I mean who was really there? You gotta wonder when you see things being twisted up as they happen today and we never get the right story nowadays. I hope my doubt is wrong.