Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Justin and Kate

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And, yea, did the photographer say, "Let there be pictures!" And it was so.

Justin and Kate's wedding pictures are finally up. It was a really fun wedding, even though I spent most of it "working". It's always great to see two good friends fall in love and get married.

We got a little behind schedule on the formal pictures, so the majority of the pictures are actually candids and events. A lot of photographers intentially shoot weddings in a photojournalism style, but this time it was more of a necessity than a conscious decision. In the end, I think I took more pictures of this wedding than any other that I've done before. I think it had more to do with embracing digital rather than just making it about quantity vs. quanitity (although you can't have the latter without the former). Plus, our circle of friends has gained quite the reputation for knowing how to party at a wedding reception, so I didn't dare put my camera down while things were going on.


Saturday, June 03, 2006

Cort & Emily's Wedding Pictures

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They're finally here. I spent an evening and an afternoon getting these ready. I blame Cort and his "blemish" for all the extra Photoshop stuff I had to do. Lisa (Josh's wife) took the photos during the ceremony and I am grateful for her help.