Friday, February 08, 2008


This week WBOS changed it's format and I'm not pleased at all. I've already written an angry email to their new web site, even though I know it's too late. I just wanted them to know how much I think we don't need another alternative rock station in Boston. I really enjoyed WBOS as an adult alternative station that really seemed to care about good music. When the DJ's spoke, it was always something interesting to say and never annoying. It's a shame really.

From the Radio and Records web site:

By Mike Boyle

Late Friday afternoon (Feb. 1), Greater Media triple a WBOS/Boston changed its on-air moniker to "Radio 92.9" and has adjusted its music to be what the station is calling "a mass appeal alternative rock station that plays a combination of alternative gold, along with today’s rock and alternative."

In a statement the station added, "We felt the new name and logo would best reflect the station's music and attitude as we evolve to meet the needs of the next generation of WBOS listeners. Our goal is to tap into WBOS’s history as an adult alternative radio station and its large base of alternative music that has made it part of Boston’s rich music history. We are very proud to have been there from the very beginning in the careers of the core bands we are playing and look forward to continuing to do that in the future."

The statement also said the station's music will include Pearl Jam, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Marley, and Green Day. "In addition, we will also play new music, like Jack Johnson."

Along with the station's new direction, Dana Marshall, who has been serving as the station's interim PD for the past few months, gets the official programming nod and gives up middays.

And with the focus now more on the music, afternoon driver John Laurenti and night host Dominick Lewis exit. Morning personality George Knight will now just be doing his Sunday morning show.

Here's another blogger's opinion I entirely agree with: Pamela Rosenthal

Here's a quote from

''It's putting the station somewhat back to where it started in terms of its ideals," says Buzz Knight, operations manager for WBOS and sister station WROR-FM (105.7). ''Listener perception is that radio plays too many commercials and that DJs can be boring and irrelevant."

And I disagree with ol' Buzz 100%. Who the hell did he survey? I'm in the over 30 category that they so desperately want, but I never once found John Laurenti or George Knight boring and irrelevant. Quite often, they'd share some piece of rock trivia that I didn't know and I found it both informative and entertaining. I actually preferred their conversational style. Most DJ's get on my nerves with shouting and hype or tomfoolery that is completely irrelevant to the music.

This is just another one of those things that is turning me into a grumpy old man. Now you damn kids get off my lawn!

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Graeme Cosh said...

I moved here from Indy 2 years ago. Out there 92.3 WTTS, was a clone of WBOS, so I was a very happy listener of WBOS. My question is if there is another station that plays similar music to the "old" WBOS in the area?

I would encourage you to check out and listen to