Thursday, February 21, 2008

This election year stuff is getting out of hand

As an IT professional, I get mail and email nearly every day inviting me to numerous conferences. Most of them are only tangentially related to my work so most of these go into the trash. It's not that I'm totally disinterested, but to attend these conferences, you usually have to register to the tune of hundreds or perhaps even thousands of dollars. So you can walk around an expo floor while a bunch of nerds try to sell you their latest miracle storage solution software. (Hey guys, if you really want possible clients to show up, why not make it free?) The latest one offered a $400 discount for registering early. I don't even have the slightest inkling as to how I would approach my boss with that expense request.

But the best one I've received so far came today with a special treat for those willing to attend the keynote address session. The keynote speakers are Howard Fineman, Carlos Watson, and Pat Buchanan. Yup, the main attraction for this nerdfest is a bunch of political correspondents including a failed presidential candidate. Hey, I like to talk politics and this is a busy year for it, but man, at an IT expo?

Link to expo web site

Because storage systems are a national issue for all Americans. Right.

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