Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Cloisters, NYC

Originally uploaded by Dan Bailiff.

I've updated my flickr pages with photos that I took in NYC last spring at the Cloisters. This is a separate campus, but part of the Met Museum of Art which showcases Medieval art. Most of the rooms, including the walls, tiles, and stonework were taken from buildings in Europe and reassembled here to create the Museum itself. Located in Fort Tryant park, it's a cool place to visit on a spring day!

The Cloisters web site


Anonymous said...

YOU are living in Boston? Do you have an accent yet? :)

I found your website on flikr and all the pics. MY GOODNESS!!! Your family is bigger! And it looks like your mom finally got the "girls" she always wanted! :)

Tell them all hi for me and Rubyann.

-Kim (formerly a Rhodes)
living in Seattle now
kimberlypdx at yahoo dot com

Danno said...

Kim! Good to hear from you again! I will definitely write you. Do you have pics on flickr as well?