Thursday, May 18, 2006

Billy Bush spills the beans?

Last night I was watching Access Hollywood during dinner. I don't usually find these kinds of shows interesting, but I saw that they were going to have some pieces on American Idol so I tuned in. They did a thing about Kat's childhood and Taylor's background as well. Nothing on Elliott and I thought that was curious. Then at the end Billy Bush comes on and says something about how sad he was that Elliot was gone. This was shocking because it was only 7:15 and the show hadn't aired yet here on the East Coast. I could understand the slipup had I been on the West Coast. I rewinded it a few times to make sure I understood what he was saying, and I was definitely left with the impression that Elliott had been voted off. OOPS!!!

Which led me to secret are those final results that a TV magazine can be prepped and ready to run the story before it's even happened!?

In an amazing turn of events, AI producers decided to show us some numbers this time around, which is something that they usually keep very quiet. I also thought it was pretty amazing that the votes were separated by less than 1%. A lot of people were upset about Chris being voted off, and I think the producers wanted people to see that there was no funny business going on. The voting really is that close this year.

Personally, I still think that Katharine is the better vocalist, but Taylor would also make a great American Idol. I think they'll both probably end up with record deals out of this.


Anonymous said...

WOW...that's WILD! Good catch Danno.

I can't stand Taylor, I think he's a spazzzzz. But, Katherine has one of the best voices I think ever on AI. She deserves to win.

Thanks for posting more, here are more comments!

-Kim :)

cara said...

i saw that you had posted, but knew you were an AI fan and so i didn't read til now because i didn't want to find anything out. we have our ways of getting AI here in france, but not til a day or two after the show airs. i hate finding out who gets kicked off ahead of time.

anyway, i love taylor. yes, he is a spazz, but i like that he hasn't changed that to make himself more marketable to mainstream america. i think he has been more consistent than katherine. i do like her voice, but i don't think i would buy anything she put out. i love a lot of the same artists that taylor does...that otis redding tune was great!
i can't believe that access hollywood would spill the beans like that. makes you wonder about the background goings-on of AI.